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Knowledge Paid Components by Nervos NFT
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Table of Contents
  1. About The Project
  2. Getting Started
  3. Usage
  4. Contact

About The Project

NolayReading is a knowledge paid components for pay-per-view.

Unlike traditional pay-for-content, NolayReading is more focus on Decentralisation.

Defi for Reading,Promotions...

More interesting features will be updated later

Built With

Getting Started

You can Buy content or Sell your knowledge as below step.


if you find out any website used NolayReading to sell content like this

The Final Boss of 《Free Guy》:

Just Click It!

As long as you have the Specific NFT, the cipher will be decrypted.


If you want to sell some content or knowledge..
just open

  • input Knowledge in the big text field
  • input your ckb address && price in small text field below.
  • click Sell Button.

After a few moments, you will get the cipher code of knowledge.

Copy the cipher code into your website
or wherever you can insert the html.

And you're done!


Application layer

NolayReading is a html element which coding by typescript, support pay-for-content services.

Web is website which convert seller's content to NolayReading Code, Coding in Vue.

Business Logic Layer

API Server is the core of NolayReading, coding in Python.

Bank is the interface between NolayReading and Weixin, support the RMB pay for knowledge. coding by python.

Data Access Layer

Nolay Contract is code in Solidity, which a evm contracts provider by polyjuice.


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